How to know if the SMS you received was from SingHealth

How to know if the SMS you received was from SingHealth

SingHealth fake SMS
SMSes claiming that telephone numbers and financial details were among the data stolen in a recent cyberattack are not from SingHealth, the healthcare group warned. (Photo: Facebook/SingHealth)

SINGAPORE: SingHealth has released an advisory showing the actual notifications members of the public should be receiving, following the emergence of fake SMSes purportedly being sent by the healthcare group.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (Jul 22), SingHealth gave details on what the public can look out for to ascertain whether the SMS they received was from SingHealth. 

SingHealth said that its name will be reflected as a sender, and that it will not ask for credit card or other financial information. 

In an update on Monday, the healthcare group also said it will not make any calls to the public regarding the cyberattack. 

In a Facebook post, SingHealth advised the public to report to the authorities if they received calls asking for their personal or financial information.

"We will NOT call you unless you have called us asking for a callback," the post said. 

Earlier on Sunday, SingHealth also said that it had revised the URL sent in the SMSes to instead of after receiving feedback.

"From today, the remaining patients to be contacted will receive the following SMS with the revised URL," said SingHealth in its Facebook post. 

"Check that the SMS is from 'SingHealth' and that when you 'click', it brings you to the SingHealth website."

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On Friday, SingHealth said that it was made aware that some people had received fake text messages which said that telephone numbers and financial details have been accessed. 

"Please be assured that NO phone number, financial information or other patient medical records have been illegally accessed," said SingHealth. 

It was announced on Friday afternoon that 1.5 million SingHealth patients' records were accessed and copied. Of these, 160,000 had their outpatient medication records stolen, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's

In an update on Saturday, SingHealth said SMS notifications have been sent to more than 700,000 patients to inform them if their data had been stolen in the cyberattack.

The remaining will be notified by Monday, SingHealth said.

Source: CNA/ng