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The farmer who gave them light

With little more than his own resourcefulness, he turned the river's power into electricity for 600 homes. #InspirAsian

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The Kuching town hero who brought hope

“I’m a t-shirt salesman earning RM2,000 a month. If I can help 191 families in need, many of us can help many more.” #InspirAsian

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The farmers' tech hero

Indebted to and cheated by middlemen, Indonesia's farmers now have a way to cut them out, thanks to an app creator. #InspirAsian

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Matron's house of tough love

Sick, suicidal and shunned, HIV+ women find refuge with a tough Malaysian grandma who refuses to let them "rot away". #InspirAsian

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The school that Bang Jack built

A humble parking attendant is ensuring no impoverished child in his village gets left behind. #InspirAsian

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Feeding flood victims and the homeless

A couple and their catering kitchen are rallying Malaysians across the country to help when the need arises. #InspirAsian

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