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  1. New Content Item

    SingHealth cyberattack the work of sophisticated, usually state-linked attackers: Iswaran

    The Minister for Communications and Information said the attack on the healthcare provider’s database is not the only advanced persistent threat ...
  2. Siddarth Mazumdar, Newton's Meter

    Meet the underaged Singapore teen who gatecrashed CES 2019 to turn his idea into reality

    The 16-year-old Siddharth Mazumdar is there with his dad, Deb, as they look to promote their start-up Newton's Meter at the Las Vegas trade show.
  3. Seraphin companion app

    CES 2019: Tech to save us from our damaging digital dependence

    Most of us depend heavily on our mobile devices, oftentimes too much so, but there are vendors at CES 2019 looking to improve our digital health ...
  4. Impossible slider at CES

    CES 2019: Impossible Foods confident its plant-based ‘meat’ will win over Singaporeans

    Chief operating officer David Lee says the US start-up is betting big on the versatility of the meat, which can be used in a burger, bao or dumpling.
  5. Sim Wong Hoo at CES 2019

    CES 2019: Creative Technology’s award streak continues as CEO previews new Super X-Fi plans

    The Singapore-based audio company has bagged four awards at the consumer electronics trade show so far.
  6. Powerbank rental Brezze

    Powerbank sharing and 'smart' helmets: Singapore start-ups aim for CES 2019 splash

    Shareasy, the company behind the Brezze-branded powerbank rental boxes, and smart helmet device maker Whyre are among more than a dozen homegrown ...
  7. Bell Helicopter's Nexus air taxi

    Bell Helicopter's air taxi vision reaches new heights at CES 2019

    The Bell Nexus has six tilting ducted fans, which help the vehicle achieve lift-off and movement in the air. 
  8. Singapore Skyline CBD ArtScience Museum

    Singapore among 16 ‘Innovation Champion’ countries, says CES organiser

    It was rated highly for indicators such as broadband, human capital and tax friendliness but was marked down for freedom and short-term rentals, ...
  9. Japan elderly 1

    AI in 2019: Here’s what tech giants are betting big on

    From fighting dengue and diagnosing diabetic retinopathy to creating an “artificial companion” for Singapore’s elderly, tech companies like ...