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  1. Malaysia ICERD rally crowd and flags

    Race and religion - when 'new Malaysia' faces off against old forces

  2. Malaysia terror arrests Nov 19-28, 2018, in Kedah 5

    7 terror suspects, including Abu Sayyaf member, arrested in Malaysia

  3. Selangor Hindu Temple

    Selangor temple riots, planned Malay rights rally could undermine unity: Analysts

    The police and Kuala Lumpur’s city council have given the green light for the Malay rights rally, which will be held along Jalan Raja opposite ...
  4. Pattani blast

    Mahathir makes last regional peace effort in Southern Thailand

  5. Sandakan city with navy base

    Sabah residents fear illegal immigrants helping kidnappers after recent case

    Illegal immigrants from southern Philippines living in Sabah are believed to have helped kidnappers in the abduction of two Indonesians on Sep 11 ...