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  1. Lucy Liu Shubigi Rao Singapore (3)_mod

    Lucy Liu in Singapore: Art, Charlie’s Angels and picking things up on the street

    The American actress shows off her artistic side in a joint exhibit at the National Museum of Singapore with Singaporean artist Shubigi Rao.
  2. Singapore collector heritage David Wee Collection_mod

    Missing a piece of old Singapore? This 'heritage keeper' has it in his home

    David Wee of Wee’s Collection has been collecting Singapore heritage items since he was 15 – and he also rents them out for events.
  3. Yann Moix

    French author draws ire for saying women aged 50 and above are ‘too old’ for him

    The 50-year-old Yann Moix also said he prefers dating Japanese, Korean and Chinese women.
  4. Michelle Yeoh Ring Golden Globes

    Michelle Yeoh wore her Crazy Rich Asians ring to the Golden Globes

    The big emerald ring wasn’t a prop but her very own piece of jewellery.
  5. Being black in SingaporAfrican family in colonial Java, 1600s; courtesy of Farish Noor

    Being black in Singapore: Our African history might go back to Bugis ancestry

    A new play at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival looks at the history of black people in Singapore. (Also, did you know Sir Stamford Raffles was ...
  6. Travel with Senior Parents (Cat Cat Village, Vietnam)

    Everything you need to know before travelling with your senior parents

    Going on that holiday with mum and dad need not be (that) stressful. Here are 11 things you need to keep in mind.
  7. popular youtube video genres we secretly like CNA Lifestyle cat videos

    Strange, gross and kitty cats: YouTube video genres we secretly like to watch

    From unboxing videos to beauty tutorials, CNA Lifestyle takes a quick look at the types of videos that probably wouldn’t have existed without the ...
  8. the benefits of being a night owl CNA lifestyle cat

    Wide awake when you should be sleeping? You might be smarter and more creative

    Studies have shown that there are benefits to being a night owl compared to early birds – but there also may be a higher risk of heart disease.
  9. Meghan Markle Fiji

    Thomas Markle says he’s been shut out by daughter Meghan and Prince Harry

    But in a recently published interview, he also comes to her defense regarding a supposed feud with Kate Middleton.
  10. Justin bieber Married Man

    Hailey Baldwin slams people criticising her marriage to Justin Bieber on Instagram

    “The negativity screams so loud,” the 22-year-old model posted.