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  1. New Content Item

    US veterans' hospitals often better than nearby alternatives

  2. FILE PHOTO: A woman holds her stomach at the last stages of her pregnancy in Bordeaux

    Delivering a baby increases - then lowers - risk of breast cancer: study

    - Having a baby temporarily increases the risk of breast cancer by about 80 percent compared to the risk in women who have never given birth, ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: A woman comes out from a mobile cancer detection unit after her mammography examination

    Canadian doctors urge women to weigh pros and cons of breast cancer screening

    - When it's unclear whether the potential benefit of breast cancer screening outweighs the possible harms, doctors should encourage women to make ...
  4. NYSE Dec10

    Tech leads US stocks to higher close after volatile session

  5. FILE PHOTO: India's PM Modi attends a presentation of a joint statement with Russian President

    Indian opposition could get a boost as Modi looks set to lose state votes

    When Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party won a landslide in India's last general election, in 2014, it grabbed almost all the parliamentary seats ...
  6. James Comey

    Embattled Trump struggles to fill key White House post

  7. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: A cyclist passes the Federal Reserve building in Washington, DC

    Fed seen slowing, or even stopping, rate hikes next year

    The Federal Reserve's plans to continue raising interest rates next year were met with more skepticism on Wall Street on Monday, with futures ...
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    Soccer: Barcelona back out of next month's La Liga Miami match

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