Inside Chongqing: Liangjiang New Area

Inside Chongqing: Liangjiang New Area


Inside Chongqing: Liangjiang New Area

Industry Focus in Liangjiang New Area

Between the Lines

Forward-thinking strategies, international investment and infrastructure development. This is the potent mix driving whirlwind growth in the Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing. This 1,200 sq kilometre development leads the charge to boost key industry sectors in China’s 13th Five-Year-Plan.

With its strategic location linking the heavy industry and trade of western China to the rest of the mainland, Chongqing has immense commercial attractiveness. We explore the new and rapid modernisation of the Liangjiang New Area through the eyes of its key stakeholders.

What impact has this extensive and ambitious endeavour had on the lives of the locals, government officials, and foreigners living and working in the area? What promise does it hold for their future, and how will it help propel China to the cutting edge of industrial and technological development?

Journey to the west with us as we look inside Chongqing – the gateway to trade and industry in west China. 

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