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hdb flats (2)

Commentary: Many ways to make a house a home but no easy fixes to housing vulnerable families

Housing vulnerable families is a complex challenge. When stable family relationships break down, social support is also crucial, says one observer ...

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father and child

Commentary: Gender equality is not just a 'women’s issue'

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nasa photo singapore

In Singapore

S Iswaran

Commentary: The SingHealth breach and the uphill task of governing cyberspace

Anonymity, long-distance penetration and the quality of stealth suggest a very different international order is at play in ...

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A news ticker is reflected in a office window in the financial district of Canary Wharf

Work Life

office colleagues

Commentary: Why your boss might choose not to point out your incompetence

Dealing with employees who aren't placed on a company's talent management programme needs to be handled very delicately, say ...

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Office workers walk to the train station during evening rush hour in the financial district of Sing

People ready to retire later but preparing older workers will require more than reskilling

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. Republican presidential nominee Trump speaks at a campaign event at Trump Doral go

American Global Leadership

China's economic growth has slowed as the country's leaders face a trade war with the US

Commentary: US-China trade war to continue on for years, not months

Don't expect Chinese President Xi Jinping or US President Donald Trump to back down anytime soon in this trade war, says one ...

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China's parliament has endorsed Xi Jinping's move to abolish rules limiting the head of

Rising China

China and the US have been embroiled for months in a trade conflict that has threatened to hurt

Commentary: China could easily win Trump’s trade war

A people with an evolved sense of destiny and self-worth is unlikely to see a secular leader like Donald Trump as a major ...

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Hong Kong has overtaken Angola's capital to become the costliest city in the world for expats,

Once the shining Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong poised to regain its shine

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Leaders pose for a group picture at the BRICS summit meeting in Johannesburg

Commentary: Amid a brewing trade war, BRICS gains influence

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Mahathir Mohamad said he believed the new government could get back most of the money stolen from

Spotlight on Malaysia

Pakatan Harapan supporters

Commentary: Many unrealised promises to tackle, as the Pakatan Harapan government approaches 100 days in office

As the Pakatan Harapan government heads towards a milestone 100 days in office, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute’s Serina Rahman ...

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un leave after signi

Spotlight on North Korea

About 10.6 million people among North Korea's 25 million population need humanitarian

Commentary: North Korea has been left off the hook since the Singapore Summit

US President Donald Trump has squandered many sticks and has only carrots left in any strategy to coax North Korea to give up ...

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Pompeo will also seek to promote the United States' strategic vision for Asia, as tensions with

Elsewhere in Asia

FILE PHOTO - Satellite photo shows Chinese-controlled Tree Island, part of the Paracel Islands grou

Commentary: A sober assessment of the recent 'breakthrough' on the South China Sea

Singapore Foreign Minister Vivian Balakirishnan called new developments to the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea "yet ...

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A woman walks past a map showing the elevation of the sea in the last 22 years during the World Cli

World News

globe pointing to china

Commentary: How to make the global economy work for everyone

This period of unprecedented prosperity is being threatened by a sense that not everyone benefits from global integration, ...

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lower seletar reservoir

Singapore’s water story underscores the value of preparedness

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Fourth F-35 Lightning II arrives at Nellis Air Force Base

The Republic of Singapore Air Force's likely new fighter jet

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At current rates of dumping, there could be more plastic trash than fish in the world's oceans

What will it take for Singapore to give up plastic?

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The first batch of flats in Tengah will be launched from in November in the plantation district.

Housing Singapore

condo launch

Commentary: Did the Government intervene too early in Singapore’s private housing market?

With the new cooling measures, those buying a second property for investment purposes might have to set aside almost half of ...

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clasroom background

The Education Debate

primary school students

Commentary: Two ideas to level the education playing field

The key to ensuring education in Singapore remains a level playing field is to continue reviewing the measures and structures ...

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HDB file picture

Tackling inequality in Singapore

elderly wheelchair disabled file

Commentary: Government transfers and social assistance - Who deserves them? Who doesn’t?

We all want social spending to reach the right people to improve societal outcomes, but this requires us to agree on who needs ...

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older cleaner singapore

Can the rich be caring? Is there an empathy gap?

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In this file photo taken on June 21, 2018, a child in a stroller holds a sign as people rally

On Parenting

Father daughter family Singapore

Commentary: Afraid your kids will catch HFMD? Don’t let modern day parenting be ruled by fear

If we want our children to grow up courageous, resilient and independent, then parents must display these values in facing ...

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stress or depression file photo

Mental Well-being

Help those with depression

Commentary: We still fail to understand that some people are more prone to mental illness

Why so some people but not others contract mental illness? One Institute of Mental Health expert discusses triggers, ...

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demolition singapore 11

Employment Challenges

Singapore workers-raffles

Commentary: Tip of the iceberg, when ‘disguised PMEs’ don’t get overtime pay and fair treatment

Greater awareness concerning who are covered under the Employment Act will be key in ensuring workers are treated fairly, says ...

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File photo of university graduates

Commentary: Help our 'graduate poor' break out of the underemployment trap

The average gender pay gap across all British companies that submitted details stood at 12 percent

On Gender Equality

Raffles Place CBD Singapore (4)

Commentary: Overlooked and underpaid, women must speak up and put themselves out there

Women must speak out more if Singapore is to grow its number of female business leaders, says one female business leader.

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The Gaia satellite collected the data on some 1.7 billion stars from its unique vantage point in

Digital World


Commentary: Slow down to make meaningful connections in a fast-paced world

While technology has made it convenient for us to make new friends, it has also made us complacent about doing so, says one ...

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Light exercise sleep

Living Well

Visitors eat fish and chips and drink soft drinks at a beach cafe in Brighton

Commentary: Our environment influences our diet and activity more than we think

Which is why we must look beyond healthcare professionals in promoting health, says Dean of Saw Swee Hock School of Public ...

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thank you note

Commentary: The quiet, nourishing power of gratitude

Dog enjoys an ice cream given by its owner at an ice-cream shop where ice cream is designed especia

Commentary: You're not walking your dog enough

bike sharing AMK

Commentary: Cycling, the third most dangerous sport