Elderly Poverty Series

Elderly Poverty Series

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Ploughing on: The faces and insecurities of Singapore’s elderly working poor

The poverty rate has been rising among the working elderly, one study shows. Why do seniors here feel the need to work for ...

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Vietnam’s ticking time-bomb of elderly poverty

More are working into old age to survive, in the world’s most rapidly aging country. Will solutions be too little, too late ...

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Vietnam's Elderly Poor: Bitter/Sweet Sisters

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South Korea

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Poor and on their own, South Korea’s elderly who will ‘work until they die’

“I will take care of myself as long as I can… then I’ll go to the hospital and die,” says an 81-year-old in a country where ...

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South Korea's Elderly Poor: Cardboard Granny

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South Korea's Elderly Poor: On Suicide Watch

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South Korea's Elderly Poor: Soup for the Seoul

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Poverty forces families in Myanmar to ditch their elderly

“The old woman was left in the dark, tainted with faeces and urine,” recalls a social worker, who warns that elderly ...

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Myanmar's Elderly Poor: The Granny Masseuse

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Myanmar's Elderly Poor: House of Love

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For old folks left to die at Myanmar's roadsides and cemeteries, these homes are their last hope

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Myanmar's Elderly Poor: Cast Out To Die

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