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When Michelin star chef meets ice cream uncle

One of the last items on Chef Andre Chiang's menu, before he closes his restaurant in 2018, is inspired by someone unexpected.


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A boy, an 83-year-old loner, and the unlikely friendship that changed them

What a 10-week social experiment in inter-generational relationships reveals.

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He hikes. He writes computer code. He loves exploring. He's changing perceptions of the blind.


A face of homelessness today

At 35, he sleeps in food outlets, washes up at public toilets - and has been trying to work and study his way out of destitution.

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"It's easy for anyone to say our relationship doesn’t have a future. I mean, a pro gamer, a tattoo artist - it's not normal?"

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The Mavericks


Oddballs: She's an embalmer

“My duty is to make you the best on your last journey.”: This 23-year-old has already prepared over 500 bodies for their last ...

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The Calligrapher

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Oddballs: A mission to farm

Starting a goat farm in Mersing is baah, not so easy for Singaporean entrepreneur

Rebel with yarn

Kelly Limerick takes her passion for crocheting to public spaces - even when faced with insults and parental resistance.


"I said to him, ‘Friend, I am not a beggar’." The cobbler of Waterloo Street shows just why people bring him their $1,000 shoes to fix.

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A special school, built on love

They sold their house, she gave up her career. All to build a safe world for their son and hundreds of other youths.

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Overcoming Limits


Nurazah learns to walk

At 19 and wheelchair bound, she was resigned to a life of not even being able to shower without help. Until she met Richard - ...

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Love in the face of Tourette's

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More Than You Think I Am

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Not Special, Just Me

Finding Sayfullah's Voice

"You could see from his body language he wanted to tell you a lot of things." The story of a boy, his iPad and a mother's love.

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"We are human also. I can feel sadness when you treat me like I’m so small. You don’t know that I do other things."


Stories of Survivors


Wei Kong's Long Road Back

They said he'd be a "vegetable" after his horrific accident at age 17. But this former ACS boy fought his way back to hope of ...

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Did I create life or destroy them?: Mother’s grief over losing 3 babies

Bankrupt, divorced, then son dies of cancer: How one man survived to rise above it all

Sister’s death at hands of schizophrenic son spurs her to help the mentally ill and their families

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Escape From Abuse

Lives in limbo: CNA Insider's Lam Shushan documents the Rohingya refugees' tales of loss and of compassion


Japan's Eldercare

Commentary: Lessons in living from the world’s oldest country

Ageing Singapore has much to learn from the quality and diversity of Japan’s services for seniors - as well as from its ...

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Tokyo nursing home’s single rooms, no-diapers approach: The future for Singapore?

From Michelin-class chefs to beauty makeovers: Life at Japan’s private nursing homes

This Muslim community leader hid Christians in his house while ISIS-linked rebels in Marawi went on a killing spree.


Death of a River

Who's to blame for what could soon be southern India's worst natural catastrophe ever, affecting millions? Insight investigates.


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Life in pieces: The Rohingya refugees

Why young Singaporeans are picking up dialects

More are going for classes in Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese - in part to bridge the generation gap.


Vanishing Home Recipes

Read the stories and get these vanishing recipes - before they disappear for good. A special CNA Insider series.


Special Report

A CNA Insider series exploring the issues of elderly poverty in Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore and Myanmar.

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Inspiring Andre Chiang

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The Future Of 'Meat'

In Singapore soon? The 'impossible' burger that's meatier than real meat

She gave up pastry chef dream in US, to keep family's putu piring legacy alive

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Keep Steaming, Putu Piring

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Giang the adventurer

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