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Once too poor for $1-lunch, hero now rallies a town to bring hope to families

Vanishing Home Recipes: Regional edition

We source the secrets of homecooks who are preserving dying or forgotten ways of preparing old-time recipes.


House guest: An eye-opening social experiment

When Singaporeans with no or few friends of other races meet - and try to overcome prejudice, stereotypes and ignorance.

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Matron's house of tough love

Sick, suicidal and shunned, HIV+ women find refuge with a tough Malaysian grandma who refuses to let them "rot away". #InspirAsian

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The school that Bang Jack built

A humble parking attendant is ensuring no impoverished child in his village gets left behind. #InspirAsian


Who's your #InspirAsian?

We're expanding our hunt for unsung heroes to Malaysia and Indonesia. Know someone whose story will touch and inspire?

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Inside the Storm

How an outsider rescued crisis-hit Nissan from the brink of collapse

Struggling under US$20b worth of debt, the Japanese carmaker was practically bankrupt until a foreigner and a gutsy French car ...

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How Olympus was almost brought down by one of the worst corporate scandals

How corporate greed nearly destroyed Marvel's superhero empire

How a rookie brought Lego back from the brink

How clean really are public swimming pools? To find out what's in them, #WhyItMatters tests the waters.

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The Investigative Trail

Unlimited paid leave: Is Singapore ready for it?

Some companies here have empowered employees to take as much time off as they liked - but not all were happy with the ...

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Low-income and owning a car. Why?

Seven tips about the sugar traps unknown to most people

Is e-learning making your children dumb? Experts sound a warning

WeChat and China's cashless revolution

When they can pay hospital bills and street vendors via their mobile phone, no wonder young Chinese have stopped carrying cash.

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The Mavericks

From 'untameable' teen, to Asia beatbox champ - with dad's belief in him

Piratheeban Kernabalan lacked focus in school and in life because of his ADHD. Until he found a musical art that called to him ...

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The not-so-secret life of Singapore’s crossplayers

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Of a different yarn: The crochet artist who defied critics

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Oddballs: She's an embalmer

From playing in arcades and a one-room flat, to top of the world

A boy, an 83-year-old loner, and the unlikely friendship that changed them

What a 10-week social experiment in inter-generational relationships reveals.

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Food Heroes

She gave up pastry chef dream in US, to keep family's putu piring legacy alive

It has been on the verge of closing, but the fourth-generation owners are determined to preserve the famed Haig Road Putu ...

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Inspiring Andre Chiang: A Michelin-star chef and an ice-cream uncle

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The future of Peranakan food? Malcolm Lee's daring vision

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Exquisite French cuisine, from heartland chef Jason Tan

Bringing the kampung back, one dish at a time: Hjh Maimunah's next generation


How Ninja Van's 'smart and ruthlessly aggressive' co-founder hooked a big investor

At 27 and with no logistics experience, Lai Chang Wen started a company that netted S$45m in investments. A mattress on the ...

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The urban farming pioneer who wants to feed the city’s soul

Singaporean turns coffee-grower, with zero experience but a grande ambition

Riding the 'airfish': Singapore company hopes to make it a travel game-changer

Finding Sayfullah's Voice

"You could see from his body language he wanted to tell you a lot of things." The story of a boy, his iPad and a mother's love.

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Overcoming Limits

The drummer who became a maid to chase her musical dreams

Spurred by her mum's dying wish, Indonesian Dewi Nur Fatikah came to Singapore to work and save up for a music career - but it ...

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Nurazah learns to walk

Love in the face of Tourette's

At 97, this Vietnamese grandma has mastered the Internet

A special school, built on love

They sold their house, she gave up her career. All to build a safe world for their son and hundreds of other youths.

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"We are human also. I can feel sadness when you treat me like I’m so small. You don’t know that I do other things."


Facing Ageing


Danny's Mother: A love-hate-love story of facing dementia

When that strict, strong mother you know falls prey to dementia, and your roles are reversed – how do you cope with the ...

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This South Korean tech start-up hires only seniors over 55, to prove a point

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What the powerful magic of choice did to these nursing home residents

Guilt, burnout and sacrifice: Dementia patients’ caregivers ask ‘have I done enough?'

Secret violence: The silence surrounding elder abuse

A face of homelessness today

At 35, he sleeps in food outlets, washes up at public toilets - and has been trying to work and study his way out of destitution.

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Stories of Survivors

Bankrupt, divorced, then son dies of cancer: How one man survived to rise above it all

He came close to ending his life and was locked up for drink-driving. Jimmy Ong tells On The Red Dot what gave him the will to ...

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Wei Kong's Long Road Back

Did I create life or destroy them?: Mother’s grief over losing 3 babies

Sister’s death at hands of schizophrenic son spurs her to help the mentally ill and their families

Lives in limbo: CNA Insider's Lam Shushan documents the Rohingya refugees' tales of loss and of compassion


Meet the real-life suicide squad - ordinary folks turned heroes who risked death to rescue more than 1,700 trapped in Marawi.


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The real Suicide Squad: Heroes of Marawi

Why young Singaporeans are picking up dialects

More are going for classes in Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese - in part to bridge the generation gap.


Special Report

A CNA Insider series exploring the issues of elderly poverty in Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore and Myanmar.

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Once too poor for $1-lunch, hero now rallies a town to bring hope to families

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Unlimited paid leave - does it work in Singapore?

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How Philips Reinvented Itself for the digital age

A home cook's vanishing art of home-brewed wine and hand-raised chicken

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