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He runs 9 restaurants with just 2 head chefs

Emporium Shokuhin's CEO on how he upsized when everyone else was downsizing.


Vanishing Family Recipes

Preserving the homemade bak chang, with a little bit of reinvention

The laborious steps mean fewer home-cooks are making Chinese rice dumplings come the annual season. But those who do, are ...

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Madam Koh's bak chang recipe

When there was no money, ikan bilis was ‘like gold’: The art of humble cooking

What we lose, when family recipes vanish - a legacy of love and sacrifice

Manufactured orphans

Believing she was 'stolen' and trafficked as an 'orphan', Jyothi Svahn goes on a multi-country hunt for her birth family - and ...

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She makes the difference between life and death daily: An ER doctor’s passion


Would you report him?

They spotted this suspicious character sneaking ashore at Woodlands. But would they have called the police? At a time of heightened security ...

Elderly Poverty


Singapore's elderly poor: Nursing the lonely

She has watched her husband, siblings and 3 children all die before her. At 89, she's fought depression all alone -- until ...

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Lonely and 'waiting to die', Singapore's elderly poor find hope in many helping hands

Ploughing on: The faces and insecurities of Singapore’s elderly working poor

Special Report

A CNA Insider series exploring the issues of elderly poverty in Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore and Myanmar.

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A Hakka Grandma's Labour of Love

That's My Backyard


Sky warriors

Once a Hakka cemetery, this field off Old Holland Road is now abuzz with remote-controlled aircraft aerobatics and sky ...

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Bukit Timah’s secret kampung, hidden in a forest

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Changi Lepak: 5 Things To Know

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Spooky Siglap? 5 Things You Need To Know

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Bye Bye, Woodlands My Hood

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A job for Salim

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Survival Of The Big

Madam Koh’s bak chang: The recipe

Preserving the homemade bak chang, with a little bit of reinvention

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Madam Koh's bak chang recipe

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Manufactured orphans: Chapter 3

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Manufactured orphans: Chapter 2

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Manufactured orphans: Chapter 1

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