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"We are human also. I can feel sadness when you treat me like I’m so small. You don’t know that I do other things."


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NTU freshman wants to graduate 10,000 migrant workers from his school by next year

'People were saying, he's going to marry a tree, he'll never get a girlfriend.' Alexius Yeo chases his green food dream.


Finding Sayfullah's Voice

"You could see from his body language he wanted to tell you a lot of things." The story of a boy, his iPad and a mother's love.

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Meet the Sengs - each with their own disability, but all inspiring. #ExtraordinaryPeople


Japan's Eldercare

Tokyo nursing home’s single rooms, no-diapers approach: The future for Singapore?

State-funded Morinokaze Nursing Home believes in helping its residents to be self-reliant - and reflects the possibilities of ...

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From Michelin-class chefs to beauty makeovers: Life at Japan’s private nursing homes

With 7am bargains and indoor track, a Tokyo mall woos elderly shoppers

"If you don't take your heritage and move forward, Peranakan food will die." Candlenut's Malcolm Lee gives the cuisine a Michelin-star update.


They said his "big fingers" would make him clumsy

Singaporean Chef Jason Tan proved them oh so wrong - by earning his Michelin star for two years running with fine creations.


Vanishing Home Recipes

Read the stories and get these vanishing recipes - before they disappear for good. A special CNA Insider series.


Their Own Special Beat

Love in the face of Tourette's

Faced with bullying and discrimination because of his uncontrollable tics, Jeremy Goh still found a way to embrace life and ...

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Show them the world, and they’ll exceed expectations, say parents of those with Down Syndrome

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More Than You Think I Am

‘I’m not bad, I’m not ill, I’m autistic’: Woman's relief on being finally diagnosed at 42

Stories of Survivors

Did I create life or destroy them?: Mother’s grief over losing 3 babies

Felicia Tan tells On The Red Dot about coping with the guilt of her miscarriages – and the unexpected joy of having her hope ...

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Wei Kong's Long Road Back

Bankrupt, divorced, then son dies of cancer: How one man survived to rise above it all

Sister’s death at hands of schizophrenic son spurs her to help the mentally ill and their families

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Escape From Abuse

This Muslim community leader hid Christians in his house while ISIS-linked rebels in Marawi went on a killing spree.


Death of a River

Who's to blame for what could soon be southern India's worst natural catastrophe ever, affecting millions? Insight investigates.


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Reinventing Singapore food

For Chinese street opera performers, show must go on - even if no one's watching

Only about 10 professional street opera troupes are left in Singapore, appealing to an ever-smaller audience.

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Special Report

A CNA Insider series exploring the issues of elderly poverty in Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore and Myanmar.

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NTU freshman wants to graduate 10,000 migrant workers from his school by next year

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The Calligrapher

Malay devotee of Chinese calligraphy proves critics wrong, one stroke at a time

More than ‘just maids’, they’re athletes who bring hope to others

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More than just maids

Lessons in business wisdom - from the cobbler of Waterloo Street

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