Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

Myanmar searches for more Hindu corpses as mass grave unearthed

Myanmar troops on Monday searched for dozens of missing Hindu villagers feared dead after the discovery of a nearby mass grave of 28 corpses in ...

Bangladesh imposes mobile phone ban on Rohingya refugees

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Japan's Abe triggers snap election amid North Korea crisis

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Asia’s Toughest Jobs: The fire and brimstone miners of Ijen Crater

With its wickedly steaming cyan lake, pulsing exhausts of burning sulphur and jagged peaks, Ijen Crater in East Java is ...

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Volcano pilgrims

Every year, Hindu pilgrims in Java, Indonesia celebrate the Yadnya Kasada Festival by trekking up Mount Bromo - one of the ...


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China jails former Tianjin mayor for 12 years over graft

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