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  1. Police question shop staff over sale of karambit knife

  2. Security stepped up around President-elect Halimah Yacob's flat in Yishun

    Residents wonder whether Madam Halimah will continue to live in her Yishun flat, although she has repeated her intentions to do so.
  3. Highlights: Nomination Day, PE2017

  4. Nomination Day: Halimah Yacob to submit papers by noon

    If the papers are found to be in order and there are no objections, the Returning Officer will declare Madam Halimah Yacob the President-elect at ...
  5. Noise study to guide planning of new homes near Tengah Air Base

    But it will not be possible to eliminate noise completely, said Second Defence Minister Ong Ye Kung.
  6. Extraordinary People: Making art out of life's struggles

    After becoming paralysed at the age of 22, Gilbert Tan thought his life was over. But perseverance and dedication saw him become a world-renowned ...
  7. Protecting yourself against losing money on home renovations

    Among the suggestions are paying progressively, doing extensive research and itemising the quotation.
  8. Effectiveness of glucosamine questionable, but some patients do report benefits: Doctors

    Doctors suggest that patients exercise regularly to maintain muscle strength and lose weight, and avoid high-impact activities to relieve joint pain.
  9. ECDA initiates review of managing food allergies in pre-schools

    Toolkits to equip teachers to better safeguard children with food allergies expected by 2018.