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  1. Till prison do us part: ICA officers crack one of the largest sham marriage cases  

    A syndicate involving 14 people went to lengths to conceal its illegal acts.
  2. Trekking tips: How to stay safe when exploring places like Gunung Pulai

  3. Taskforce on formula milk reports 4.8% drop in average prices

  4. MOE says will not revisit names of merged JCs

  5. Cybersecurity Bill passed in Parliament; MPs raise questions on privacy, cost

    The Ministry for Communications and Information will continue to work with stakeholders from the public and private sectors to ensure that ...
  6. Experts suggest bigger payouts, better coverage for enhanced ElderShield

    The ElderShield review committee said it is reviewing payouts, which are pegged to premiums and the payout period.
  7. Enrolment into ElderShield should start at age 30: Review committee

    The committee also recommended including those with pre-existing severe disabilities under the scheme, and for the Government to take over the ...
  8. Laws to regulate private ambulances: Operators caught in the middle with new classification

    When it is passed, the Bill will require emergency ambulance services which cater to patients with acute or sudden medical conditions requiring ...
  9. Support for seniors to age within a community a focus in upcoming Budget: Indranee

    They need interaction, social support and activities, she said.