Biography of the Author Melissa Zhu

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  1. Bali silent retreat

    Shhh! No talking at this resort

    What is it like to spend 48 hours in almost complete silence? Channel NewsAsia's Melissa Zhu tried zenning it out at a secluded resort in central ...
  2. Grab app down

    Grab app back online hours after service disruption

  3. Ng See Min Henn.drawn

    Is that a real tattoo? No, it's fruit juice!

    Ng See Min, 23, creates amazingly complex body art designs using jagua, a fruit-based ink that temporarily stains the skin blue-black. The recent ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: A collection of Bitcoin (virtual currency) tokens are displayed in this picture illustr

    Don't click! Bitcoin phishing scam makes its way to Singapore

    At least two people in Singapore told Channel NewsAsia they received messages on Wednesday (Jan 17) claiming that they had a Bitcoin worth more ...
  5. Chinese delivery boy

    7-year-old delivery boy reignites child poverty debate in China

  6. Singapore rain CBD

    Temperatures in Singapore dip below 22 degrees Celsius amid rainy season