Biography of the Author Lam Shushan

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  1. The ‘camera whisperer’ who fixes what the professionals can’t, or won't

    He is a hobbyist who brings cameras back from the 'dead', and repairs those that service centres turn away - showing up the flaws in our ...
  2. Bringing the kampung back, one dish at a time: Hjh Maimunah's next generation

    They vow to carry on their family’s legacy, but maintaining traditional cooking methods while growing a business can be challenging in today’s F&B ...
  3. Learning from nenek how to be a man for his family - in the kitchen

    His grandmother showed him that cooking can keep a family together. Now he hopes to inspire other men to share the responsibility in the household.
  4. Mdm Habibah's nasi ayam Lebanon: The recipe

    It’s a nasi ayam done with a twist - one that uses Middle Eastern spices, but cooked to suit the Singaporean Malay palate.
  5. Eurasian Putugal: The recipe

    Here's how to make this Eurasian kueh that was more commonly enjoyed in the past, but is less well-known in Singapore these days.
  6. This South Korean tech start-up hires only seniors over 55, to prove a point

    While South Korea’s corporate culture is enmeshed in issues of age discrimination, EverYoung is showing that seniors could be an untapped resource ...
  7. We're more than an ‘other’: Eurasians in search of their disappearing culture

    Their centuries-old culture is elusive and on the brink of dying out - but this new-generation group wants to reclaim it, starting with their ...
  8. Mrs Cecil’s sugee cake: The recipe

    One Eurasian family’s tried and tested way of making sugee cake.
  9. In South Korea, disco-loving seniors defy the stereotypes of ageing

    While reports paint a grey picture of country’s ageing population, these seniors are showing another side to what being old can be.
  10. Mrs Thanaletchmy's ikan bilis curry and home-made dosai with chutney: The recipe

    How to cook a feast for a large family on a budget, using recipes that one family followed in the olden days.