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  1. Hoax photo Punggol Waterway Terrace

    Why fake news is getting harder to spot (and the impact it could have)

    With a public hearing of the issue about to start, the programme Talking Point investigates the emerging challenges of separating fact from ...
  2. DMUI bus driver 12

    He's 23, and out to change the way we think of bus drivers

    Does a bus captain do more than just ferry commuters around? One of the youngest in the trade, Benjamin Lim wants to inspire other young ...
  3. super advanced baby 13

    Do cooking classes, spa massages help baby develop faster? Some parents think so

    Big money is being spent on language lessons, chiropractic sessions and more, to supposedly help babies achieve their developmental milestones ...
  4. OTRD Seth Yee 4

    My 8-year-old, the computer prodigy - and why we moved him to Melbourne

    Seth Yee knows three programming languages and thinks at the level of students more than twice his age. But he struggled with his behaviour and ...
  5. Super baby train brain 6

    Can you really train your baby to be smarter?

    Right brain training, sensory classes, fortified formula milk – some parents are going all out to unlock their infant's potential. The programme ...
  6. Super Oct masako app 9

    An app developer at 82

    After starting to use computers at age 60, retiree Masako Wakamiya became a coder to fill a need for her peers. The series Super Octogenarians ...
  7. US lion dance 6

    For two champions, a lion's sacrifice of blood, sweat and family time

    The training is hard, injuries are common, and their relationships with their loved ones suffer. But these two lion dancers knew since they were ...
  8. TP li-ion battery explode

    How your lithium-ion battery could be an explosive danger

    With an increase in fires involving lithium-ion batteries, the programme Talking Point investigates the dangers of such batteries and why they go ...
  9. GR china reunite 3

    ‘Daughter, I’ve wronged you’: Guilt and longing, as those torn apart by one-child policy search for each other

    Over half a million children were abandoned or put up for adoption by distraught parents, under China's family planning policy. Now, Get Real goes ...
  10. WIM robots main

    It's cats and T-rex versus humanoids, as robots take over jobs in Japan

    Does it matter what robots that serve us look like? And do they reinforce gender biases? Why It Matters explores this debate in Japan, where half ...