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  1. This is how your phone’s e-wallet can be hacked

    As digital payments grow in popularity, which is more secure – cash or cashless transactions? Talking Point investigates.
  2. The drummer who became a maid to chase her musical dreams

    Spurred by her mum's dying wish, Indonesian Dewi Nur Fatikah came to Singapore to work and save up for a music career - but it almost meant ...
  3. Is e-learning making your children dumb? Experts sound a warning

    Parents may mean well, but some ‘educational’ apps may be doing toddlers more harm than good, as the programme Why It Matters found out.
  4. Our public swimming pools: How clean are they?

    Ten pools here were tested for ammonia (a by-product of urine) and other substances. The results were not pretty, as the programme Why It Matters ...
  5. Troubled teen thought herself a failure, until unlikely 73-year-old mentor came along

    An insecure girl from a broken home meets a computer-illiterate senior with no children - and an odd cross-generational friendship forms, in the ...
  6. 78 years on, the secondhand bookstore that’s defying the digital age

    It began life in Bras Basah Road under his father, and today, Ana Book Store run by Noorul Islam at Far East Plaza is one of the last of its kind.
  7. In Singapore soon? The 'impossible' burger that's meatier than real meat

    Created in the lab by a Silicon Valley start-up, this plant-based patty is touted as a sustainable “future food”. But does it taste like the real ...
  8. A boy, the 83-year-old loner, and the unlikely friendship that changed them both

    Pair up a teenager and a reclusive senior citizen for 10 weeks for the social experiment documentary Back to School - and this is the ...
  9. Some vending machine meals more unhealthy than their hawker alternative

    Talking Point tested three vending machine meals and found them higher in fat, salt and MSG content compared to their hawker-prepared counterparts.
  10. More young Singaporeans signing up for dialect classes

    Demand for lessons has shot up in the last two to three years, from those who want to connect with the elderly or their own roots