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  1. (dn) ITS Uber Grab main

    How Uber, valued at billions, was sent packing by a start-up in Singapore

    Looking to expand in Southeast Asia, the ride-hailing giant didn’t expect such a robust resistance from Grab. Inside the Storm looks at what ...
  2. TFA discipline 3

    Would you let your helper discipline your little ones?

    Some parents here say yes, so that their children won’t grow up to be brats. Others say it’s a bad idea to delegate this role because of potential ...
  3. (dn) OTRD chef mission Thailand main

    The Singaporean grad who ditched his corporate dreams because of a glue-sniffer in Thailand

    The plight of a 15-year-old Thai boy moved economics graduate Daryl Tay to volunteer in an impoverished village, as Prive Group executive chef ...
  4. (dn) Singapore's ant-man main

    ‘Some people think I’m crazy’: What makes Singapore’s ant-man tick

    When the sun goes down, Zat Low collects creatures the rest of society considers to be pests. To him, keeping ants isn’t only a hobby, but a ...
  5. IMH painter 13

    Flood of interested art buyers, and a job offer, for artist living in IMH

    Mr Sim Kah Lim’s story about his gift and love of painting may open new possibilities for him as readers and viewers respond generously, including ...
  6. (dn) #dontforgetme St John’s Home for Elderly Persons main

    8 seniors on a social media mission to build a S$15 million home

    Almost all of them had never used a smartphone, but within weeks, these elderly residents of St John's Home learnt to shoot a video to raise funds ...
  7. TP durian glut 4

    Dirt cheap today, will mao shan wang durians get scarce next year as China muscles in?

    Malaysia’s durian glut has led to even the premium mao shan wang hitting a low of S$10 a kg, but the good times may soon be over, as programme ...
  8. (dn) Mummy Soh Airbnb main

    The house that gave Mummy Soh, 75, new lease of life as an entrepreneur

    She hosts dinners and conducts cooking classes under Airbnb Experiences, and maintains an open-door policy for people to enjoy her home, all for ...
  9. (dn) TP utilities main

    10 ways to slash your bill as water and electricity prices rise

    From recycling water from the washing machine, to switching to LEDs, Talking Point gets expert tips to help three households reduce their ...
  10. IMH painter 13

    In a mental ward for nearly 35 years, he paints old Singapore from memory - and he dreams

    A talented artist as a child, Sim Kah Lim's horizons abruptly shrank when he was warded as a teenager with schizophrenia. But he never lost his ...