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  1. singapore escorts 1

    The ‘demand and supply’ fuelling Singapore’s premium foreign sex industry

    Unlike the streetwalkers openly prowling red-light districts, these women operate under a shroud of secrecy and discretion - yet are a ubiquitous ...
  2. johor reax 2

    Johor savours landmark election result as opposition takes control

    The Malaysian state’s residents look forward to being governed by the opposition for the first time in history - and say they will ensure their ...
  3. Yong Peng

    Johor falls to opposition for first time in Malaysian history

  4. Riot police Ayer Hitam 2

    Riot police called in at Ayer Hitam results centre

  5. jb malays 2

    Torn between sides, Malays in JB seek 'government to help the people’

    A day before Malaysia goes to the polls, the sentiment among voters in Johor Bahru city remains a mix of indecision and conviction.
  6. Barisan Nasional’s Ayer Hitam candidate Wee Ka Siong (left) and Yong Peng candidate Ling Tian Soon

    How will Malaysia’s Chinese vote? ‘The answer lies in Yong Peng’

    As election season wears on, the tussle for the majority-Chinese state seat and its wider Ayer Hitam federal constituency are shaping up as ...
  7. Daim Zainuddin

    Mahathir’s old pal resurfaces in political fray, dismisses election wildcard label

    Hours after being expelled from UMNO, 80-year-old former finance minister Daim Zainuddin makes his first public-speaking appearance to lend ...
  8. UMNO anniversary celebration

    Malay tsunami unlikely to happen; Johor to remain UMNO stronghold: Analysts

    A lack of “credible” opposition candidates and a “tried-and-tested” ruling party machinery will add up to an incumbent regime staying in power, ...
  9. forest city 1

    Malaysia election: For Johor kampungs in shadow of mega Chinese project, voting ‘headache’ awaits

    Johor’s Forest City development continues to leave an indelible impact on nearby villages. How local politicians have handled these issues may ...