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  1. Singapore’s rooftoppers: ‘A lot of people think we’re only doing it for the likes’

    The activity known as rooftopping is largely criminal and incredibly dangerous - so why does it seem to be flourishing locally?
  2. On The Job as a geriatric nurse: Bleak at times, mostly draining, but ultimately fulfilling

    In a new series in which Channel NewsAsia journalists try working in some of Singapore’s essential but undervalued jobs, Justin Ong dons the blue ...
  3. How a national tragedy sparked the rise of dragonboating in Singapore

    The success of the sport at mass participation and high performance levels can in part be traced to a decade-old incident, which saw 5 paddlers ...
  4. ‘We carry the pain … but we’ve to carry on with life’

    The family of late Singapore national dragonboater Stephen Loh opens up on their journey to find closure after his sudden, tragic death 10 years ago.
  5. ‘We will remember forever’: Inside the search for Singapore’s drowned dragonboaters

    Cambodian officials relive a challenging 40-hour operation to recover five bodies from the vast Tonle Sap river in 2007.
  6. I escaped death. 5 of my teammates didn’t

    10 years ago in Cambodia, Channel NewsAsia’s Justin Ong was a member of the Singaporean national dragonboat crew struck by tragedy. He recalls ...
  7. SMRT train collision at Joo Koon due to 'inadvertent' removal of software protection feature

  8. The 'mother' to Singapore's national athletes

    Dolly Lo is a one-of-a-kind, “constant figure” in the country’s sporting scene - with her “immense” support for athletes bringing everyone closer ...
  9. Khaw Boon Wan on NSL flooding: SMRT maintenance team 'failed us'

    The Transport Minister also reveals that authorities were “late by a few days” in replacing the malfunctioning pumps which caused a massive ...