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  1. Despite simplified HDB resale transactions, estate agents may still have a role to play

    There is still a role for real estate agents to play in resale flat transactions, according to analysts, despite a shortened, streamlined resale ...
  2. Shorter, streamlined process for HDB resale transactions from next year

    The new HDB Resale Portal to be launched next year aims to shorten the resale transaction process by up to eight weeks, down from the current 16 ...
  3. Cashless in Singapore: Going wallet-free for a weekend

    While attempts are being made to increase cashless payment options, how feasible is it to get out and about without cash as it is? Channel ...
  4. Count for reserved Presidential Election was policy decision: Shanmugam

    The Law and Home Affairs Minister was responding to an adjournment motion by Workers’ Party chair Sylvia Lim on the reserved Presidential Election.
  5. 19,000 tickets issued last year for smoking at prohibited areas: NEA

    Of this number, more than 2,600 tickets were issued to offenders found smoking in food establishments, says Senior Minister of State for the ...
  6. 13 escalator incidents due to technical faults since Nov 2016

    Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong noted that these “technical faults” are not due to user behaviour.
  7. Family violence against older women: Number remained 'relatively stable' over last 3 years

    Citing available statistics, Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee said over the last three years, there were 450 applications ...
  8. Singapore's approach to addressing socio-economic inequality has 'served it well': Indranee

    Singapore targets its subsidies and assistance to those who need it more, says Senior Minister of State for Finance Indranee Rajah.
  9. Going cashless at hawker centres: Challenges and opportunities

    Despite the push for QR code payment at hawker centres, stall holders and consumers seem hesitant to make the switch. What are the barriers, and ...