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  1. Facebook's vice-president of public policy for Asia-Pacific

    ‘We made a wrong call’: Facebook says it should have informed users earlier on Cambridge Analytica breach

    Thursday’s hearing saw a lengthy exchange, which at times got heated, between Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam and Facebook's ...
  2. Social media and internet giant reps at DOF hearing

    Deliberate online falsehoods: Social media giants say they are not in a position to be 'arbiters of truth'

    Facebook representative Simon Milner said at the public hearing that his company “does not put itself in a position of deciding what is true”, a ...
  3. Social media and Internet giants on DOF

    New, 'prescriptive' laws not the ideal solution against online falsehoods: Social media, Internet giants in written submissions

    The variety of laws and regulations in Singapore was among the reasons cited by social media and Internet giants, which raised alternative ...
  4. select committee

    Society’s mental state a key battleground for misinformation campaigns, experts say

    “Fake news can be compared to junk food, as they are much easier (and cheaper) to take and go.”  
  5. Ruslan Deynychenko Select Committee

    Disinformation campaigns can create 'true armed conflict': The Ukrainian experience with Russian propaganda

    Propaganda is a “powerful weapon” which can be pointed to any country at any time, very quickly, said co-founder of Ukrainian volunteer ...
  6. michael raska

    Disinformation campaign a 'logical conclusion' for countries with inferior military strength

    The changing character of conflict invites “asymmetrical types of strategies”, and this may offset military inferiority, said Dr Michael Raska ...
  7. select committee

    Threat to Singapore’s social harmony from online falsehoods raised at Select Committee hearing

  8. Singapore plans a carbon tax on facilities such as petrochemical plants

    Carbon tax bill passed amid concerns over its impact on competitiveness

    The Carbon Pricing Bill sets out a framework for implementing the carbon tax, including the measurement, reporting and verification requirements.
  9. SEAB 1

    SEAB studying option of scanning, marking answer scripts electronically: Janil Puthucheary

    Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday (Mar 20), the Senior Minister of State for Education noted that this would have to be carefully considered, ...
  10. Police op massage parlour

    Open-concept massage parlours exempted from licences, but must adhere to conditions: Josephine Teo

    These conditions include not obscuring any windows or entrances and operating only within stipulated hours, the Second Minister for Home Affairs ...