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  1. Workers' Party AHTC trial

    AHTC trial: Sylvia Lim concedes fellow Workers' Party MPs 'breached duties'

    By not disclosing to other town councillors the rates charged by an incoming managing agent, the elected members had failed to comply with their ...
  2. AHTC (6)

    Asking CPG to run AHTC without a computer system akin to building a house without bricks: Defence

    Asking a managing agent that wanted to withdraw its services from a town council, which was stripped of its computer system, was akin to building ...
  3. Goh Thien Phong

    Defence produces email that disputes assertion AHTC breached town council rules

    On day six of the landmark trial, AHTC’s defence lawyer showed that documents the audit firm had requested for had in fact been sent in an email ...
  4. AHTC 2

    Defence lawyers in AHTC trial slam the way KPMG compared managing agent costs

    KPMG’s report, which forms the basis of part of the civil lawsuits against the defendants, notes that AHTC’s decision to appoint a new managing ...
  5. AHTC trial

    Hard for opposition town councils to find managing agents, AHTC’s previous vendor an ‘unwilling horse’: Defence

  6. WP trial day 1 Pritam Singh Sylvia Lim

    Multimillion-dollar civil suits against 3 Workers’ Party MPs go to trial

    The suits were brought against three Workers' Party MPs Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh as well as others, over alleged improper ...
  7. students (2)

    Polytechnics see ‘record number’ of applicants under Early Admissions Exercise: Ong Ye Kung

    Giving an update of the numbers on Wednesday (Oct 3), Mr Ong said this is an encouraging development in efforts to match interest, talent and ...
  8. ong ye kung file

    'Over-reliant on this security blanket': Ong Ye Kung addresses exam reduction concerns

    Speaking at a conference on Wednesday (Oct 3), Mr Ong said he was relieved that there was "no negative uproar" to the changes, which were ...