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  1. Commentary: The Government needs to do more to bridge the class divide, but so do we

    With class divisions in Singapore now far more pronounced, more steps need to be taken to expose our children to those whose realities are ...
  2. Commentary: Are Singapore’s efforts to be a sporting nation half-hearted?

    We either go full steam ahead or not at all in our bid to support high-performance national athletes, says Channel NewsAsia's Bharati Jagdish.
  3. Commentary: Our hawkers deserve more

    Those of us who can afford it shouldn’t complain when they raise their prices due to rising costs especially when so many of us recognise the ...
  4. Commentary: Government assistance to businesses – is less, in fact, more?

    Is providing less or no assistance the answer to empowering companies and cultivating world-class enterprises, asks Channel NewsAsia's Bharati ...