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  1. Workers' Party's Sylvia Lim AHTC trial

    Sylvia Lim avoided calling for tender for new managing agent despite having time do so: Davinder Singh

  2. WP trial day 1 Pritam Singh Sylvia Lim

    AHTC trial: Sylvia Lim admits to breaching town council financial rules by not calling for tender

    Former AHTC chairman Sylvia Lim breached the rules governing town councils and withheld important information from her fellow town councillors as ...
  3. Davinder Singh 2

    Low used residents' monies to fund 'start-up' managing agent for opposition: PRPTC lawyer

  4. AHTC (6)

    Asking CPG to run AHTC without a computer system akin to building a house without bricks: Defence

    Asking a managing agent that wanted to withdraw its services from a town council, which was stripped of its computer system, was akin to building ...
  5. Goh Thien Phong

    Defence produces email that disputes assertion AHTC breached town council rules

    On day six of the landmark trial, AHTC’s defence lawyer showed that documents the audit firm had requested for had in fact been sent in an email ...