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  1. Singapore Parliament

    Parliament takes a mid-term break, to reconvene on May 7

  2. select committee DOF 15 march

    Select Committee concludes hearings on fake news after 8 sessions marked by tense exchanges

    The eight-day Select Committee hearings on deliberate online falsehoods threw up a wide spectrum of views on how to tackle fake news in Singapore.
  3. PJ Thum Shanmugam

    Historian Thum Ping Tjin, Shanmugam cross swords on Singapore's communism-related past

  4. Andrew Loh, co-founder of The Online Citizen

    Intention is key in distinguishing fake news from honest opinion, says TOC co-founder Andrew Loh

    In his written representation, Mr Loh also suggested forming an independent body to deal with alleged fake news cases, as any new legislation will ...
  5. Eugene Tan in select committee

    Refresh current legislation rather than introduce new laws to deal with fake news, says legal expert

    Associate Professor Eugene Tan said that the current legal framework provides “tremendous leeway” and special powers to the authorities to deal ...
  6. toc eds select comm

    Non-mainstream media journalists call for Freedom of Information Act to fight fake news

    A former editor of The Online Citizen was asked by a member of the parliamentary committee on deliberate online falsehoods if such an Act would ...
  7. Cherian George at Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods

    Laws against racial and religious insult tend to backfire: Cherian George

    The Hong Kong-based academic cautioned against the over-dependence on technological and legal restrictions, as this underestimates the “scale and ...

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