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  1. NAFTA talks intensify; US set to unveil demands on key issues

    Talks to update the North American Free Trade Agreement looked set to intensify on Saturday as U.S. negotiators prepared for the first time to ...
  2. Singapore ratifies global pact on curbing mercury use

  3. Shorting volatility: Rising risks mean itchier trigger fingers

    A long stretch of low volatility for U.S. stocks has made betting on continued calm a popular and lucrative trade, but traders and strategists ...
  4. Moody's downgrades Britain debt rating on Brexit uncertainties

    Moody's cut Britain's long-term credit rating Friday, citing economic uncertainty sparked by complex Brexit negotiations and the likelihood of ...
  5. Brazil army deploys in Rio slum as drug-related violence worsens

    Hundreds of Brazilian soldiers poured into Rio de Janeiro's Rocinha slum on Friday in a bid to help the cash-strapped state government quell the ...
  6. New Zealand's ruling party ahead so far with comfortable lead

    New Zealand went to the polls to choose the make-up of its fifty-second Parliament on Saturday, in a close-run race between the governing National ...
  7. Brazil's army sent to help quell shootouts in Rio favela

    Rio de Janeiro police fought gun battles with drug traffickers in a crowded favela Friday, six days after well armed gunmen stormed the neighborhood.
  8. Wall Street lukewarm on Chipotle's new 'queso' amid customer scorn

    Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc's new "queso" cheese sauce is going over better on Wall Street than on Twitter, where one person called it a "crime ...
  9. Close but no hurrah: EU welcomes May Brexit speech, but warily

    Theresa May's "constructive spirit" in a speech on Friday won a cautious welcome from the EU on Friday, though the British prime minister's ...

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