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  1. SAF soldier praised for coming to the aid of boar attack victim

  2. Commentary: The relentless pursuit of university rankings is creating a two-track system

    University rankings don’t seem to benefit graduates and can have adverse implications for academic staff, argue Singapore Management University’s ...
  3. As battle rages, devastated Marawi starts its long cleanup

  4. Commentary: For China's next five years, 'only Xi Jinping is indispensable'

    Having strengthened the Chinese Communist Party, the president will use the 19th Party Congress to cement his position further. But Xi Jinping's ...
  5. 7 countries smaller than Singapore that have reached the World Cup

    When it comes to football, size doesn’t matter. Just ask the Vikings.
  6. Exercise Wallaby commanders remain committed to safety: Ong Ye Kung

  7. Nokia 3310 3G: 5 reasons why this dumb phone clicks in a Smart Nation

    The classic handset will be sold in Singapore from Oct 14, and we take a look at why it could be a suitable choice for some.
  8. What does it take to become a Halloween scare actor at Universal Studios Singapore?

    Channel NewsAsia’s Genevieve Loh talks to the hardworking Halloween Horror Nights performers and gets a taste of how difficult it is to terrorise ...
  9. Commentary: Megaphone outrage does nothing for Myanmar and the Rohingya

    International reactions shaming Aung San Suu Kyi for the Rohingya crisis is unhelpful to all parties, says S Rajaratnam School of International ...
  10. At Exercise Wallaby, Singapore’s land and air forces work hand in hand

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