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  1. British PM leaves top ministers unchanged after election

  2. NSmen ‘should consider carefully’ proposed concierge service, says Singapore army

    The business idea aims to “enhance operational readiness” by helping reservists clean, store and pack their equipment, says Helping Arms in ICT's ...
  3. New Army Daze sequel to be staged in August

    Three decades later, playwright Michael Chiang revisits the characters from his 1987 hit comedy play about National Service recruits to mark the ...
  4. High Court raises jail terms of 3 National Service defaulters in landmark judgement

    The court is also expected to issue a detailed judgement, in which it will set out a new sentencing framework for defaulters. Under the revised ...
  5. Police launch marine counter-terrorism team

    The new Emergency Response Force has been set up to be part of a first response wave in an armed attack in Singapore’s waters and offshore islands.
  6. Media playtime

    Minister of State for Finance Josephine Teo moved the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill for a Second Reading.

    Minister of State for Finance Josephine Teo moved the Income Tax (Amendment) Bill for a Second Reading. The Bill involves changes announced in the ...
  7. Thousands flee bushfires as Israel alleges 'arson terror'

    Some residents were trapped in their homes as the army called up reservists to help cope with a third day of fires which authorities speculated ...
  8. Paris urges young citizens to become reservists

    France's "operational reservists" include French citizens with or without military experience as well as former soldiers.
  9. America can end divisions, Obama says, as race protests simmer

    President Barack Obama assured a shocked America on Saturday that the black extremist who shot dead five cops in Dallas was a lone wolf, and that ...
  10. Dallas gunman wanted to kill white cops: Police chief

    The deadly ambush of Dallas police by a gunman apparently bent on killing white cops in retaliation for the harsh treatment of blacks by law ...

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