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  1. Working home bed

    Wish you could work from home? Here's how to know if it's right for you

    CNA Lifestyle takes a look at the job sectors that are more open to flexible work arrangements in Singapore, and the factors that make or break ...
  2. France strike

    French public sector workers strike against Macron's reforms

  3. Eggs

    An egg a day tied to lower risk of heart disease

  4. Macron and trump handshake grimace

    Strong grip may predict longer life at all ages

  5. Doctors give patients gifts teddy bear

    Crossing professional boundaries? When doctors give their patients gifts

    Alleviating suffering involves providing comfort, solace and cosiness, even if that takes the shape of a stuffed animal.
  6. TP PMD 11

    Why being hit by an e-scooter can be deadly - and a call to ban them from footpaths

    Capable of causing serious injuries even at the current legal speed limit, e-scooters are coming under more regulation – but some are arguing to ...
  7. car park school

    Schools will not have parking gantries; season parking decals will be given instead: MOE

    MOE says schools will be the ones ensuring season parking holders and visitors “keep to their designated parking lots” through season parking decals.

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