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  1. Dunearn Court goes for S$36.3m in en bloc sale

  2. Commentary: Promote expressed consent, even with presumed consent in organ donation

    Increasing the supply of organs available for transplant is the key goal of policies governing deceased organ donation but there are other ...
  3. Choosing the best moisturiser for your skin

    How much can you trust moisturiser labels when even products labelled "fragrance-free" may contain scents that counter chemical odours?
  4. On the Record: Esther Ng, pioneer anti-bullying activist

  5. Commentary: The relentless pursuit of university rankings is creating a two-track system

    University rankings don’t seem to benefit graduates and can have adverse implications for academic staff, argue Singapore Management University’s ...
  6. Turkish hunger striker released for remainder of trial

  7. France treads fine line teaching religion in secular schools

  8. Commentary: Timely to review our opt-out organ donation policy

    Despite significant progress since the Human Organ Transplant Act was passed, the wait for an actual organ remains long. Yale-NUS College's Jean ...
  9. She gave up pastry chef dream in US, to keep family's putu piring legacy alive

    It has been on the verge of closing, but the fourth-generation owners are determined to preserve the famed Haig Road Putu Piring for a new generation.

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