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  1. Commentary: In pre-school boost, parents are the missing critical players

    Singapore is doubling down on pre-school education and building up a core of pre-school teachers. NIE’s Nirmala Karuppiah argues that parents are ...
  2. New National Institute of Early Childhood Development to take first batch of students in 2019

    It will bring together the various pre-school teacher training programmes in other educational institutions.
  3. MOE to open 13 new kindergartens in 2019 and 2020

    The kindergartens will be in areas with high demand, including Punggol, Sengkang and Yishun.
  4. Biometric payment system to be an option in schools in 2018

  5. National Day Rally: New centralised training institute for pre-school teachers

    The new National Institute of Early Childhood Development will be like the National Institute of Education, but for pre-school teachers and ...
  6. National Day Rally: 40,000 new pre-school places to be added in next 5 years

    With the increase, the total number of pre-school places in Singapore will go up to 200,000, almost double what Singapore had.
  7. Highlights: National Day Rally 2017

  8. ‘Stop being a girl and man up’: Boys face gender police, even as men’s roles change

    A survey of teens by Aware showed that boys told to ‘take it like a man' by peers are 4 times more likely to bully others. Programme Talking Point ...
  9. The subtle signs of a thyroid disorder

    Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction vary from person to person and tend to develop gradually, so doctors may not recognise them as a problem ...

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