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  1. Q&A: Jewel learned her life lessons from nature, books and pain

    Jewel's rise in the music world from the Alaska frontier to first-name-only star is almost unbelievable: Girl endures an abusive environment, ...
  2. 8 biggest sleep mistakes new parents make and how to avoid them

    Avoid these common sleep blunders in your baby’s early months and everyone will enjoy more restful days!
  3. Commentary: Focus on preventing bullying, instead of how frequent it occurs

    Whatever the picture statistics paint, we need to focus on preventing bullying, says Yale-NUS College’s Cheung Hoi Shan.
  4. How to raise kids who solve their own problems

    Your children will face many challenges as they grow, so teach them skills to make good decisions from the get-go.
  5. Try these ‘love hacks’ to fix your marriage

    “It’s not going to give you a great marriage, but it can certainly improve things," says psychologist Eli Finkel.
  6. 7 ways to help your children deal with body image issues

    How to help your kids banish their physical insecurities and love the skin they’re in!
  7. Soldier, sportsman and social advocate: Tan Chuan-Jin’s contributions over the years

    The Minister for Social and Family Development will resign to be nominated as Speaker of Parliament by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
  8. 9 great ways to motivate your reluctant learner

    Try these practical pointers to encourage your indifferent learner to get fired up about studying.
  9. Commentary: Will our children still have a habit of saving, financial literacy in a cashless society?

    As we move towards becoming a cashless society, don’t neglect the need for financial literacy, argues Alex Chow.
  10. Commentary: Smaller families in Singapore, leading to unhealthy parenting styles

    Smaller families are changing the dynamics and styles of parenting in Singapore, argues Foo Koong Hean.

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