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  1. Maliki Osman Parliament

    Singapore youths no longer drawn to 5Cs; they have YOLO mindset: Maliki

    Dr Maliki Osman said the Government must understand the aspirations of millenials because they will inherit and shape the country's future.
  2. OTRD johor hiker 8

    'I knew my life was in danger': Singaporean hiker lost on Johor mountain

    She and a friend lived a four-day nightmare in Gunung Pulai forest, surrounded by wild animals. Clarice Lum opens up for the first time about the ...
  3. Missing Singaporean diver

    Body of missing diver Jake Seet found in sea off Sentosa

  4. missing cyclist perak

    Singaporean cyclist, 56, disappears during 160km race in Ipoh

  5. Missing Singaporean diver

    Search operations ongoing for missing Singaporean diver

  6. Crazy Rich Asians 1

    Commentary: Not Singaporean enough? Are we expecting too much from Crazy Rich Asians?

    The Crazy Rich Asians trailer has ignited heated debate about Singaporean representation in a Hollywood film. But where’s the love when it comes ...
  7. butterfly children 5

    Singapore’s butterfly children, born with ‘the worst disease you’ve never heard of’

    They have skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. Mundane activities can often cause them agony. But through the pain and struggles, hope persists.
  8. Trekking tips: How to stay safe when exploring places like Gunung Pulai
    Media playtime

    Trekking tips: How to stay safe when exploring places like Gunung Pulai

    The experience of two Singaporean trekkers who went missing on Monday (Feb 5) while on a trek in Johor Baru's Gunung Pulai forest reserve has ...

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