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  1. New Belt and Road platform to connect Singapore companies with regional partners

  2. Media playtime

    Singapore from above

    Stunning view of Singapore from above. This National Day, a tribute to this Little Red Dot from a birds' eye view. Happy 52nd, everyone.
  3. ‘Personal, one-off’ take on NDP song garners warm response online

    Some Facebook comments hail My Little Red Dot as “better” than the official National Day Parade 2017 offering. But its creators say they are just ...
  4. Love in the face of Tourette's

    Faced with bullying and discrimination because of his uncontrollable tics, Jeremy Goh still found a way to embrace life and love - with the help ...
  5. Full speech: Vivian Balakrishnan highlights principles underpinning Singapore's diplomacy

    In a town hall discussion with officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday (Jul 17), Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan ...
  6. Show them the world, and they’ll exceed expectations, say parents of those with Down Syndrome

    Don’t “hide them in the house”, but help them explore their potential, and they can contributing members of society, families tell On the Red Dot.
  7. Sister’s death at hands of schizophrenic son spurs her to help the mentally ill and their families

    Leela Jesudason talks about dealing with the family tragedy, and her vow to not let her sister’s death be in vain, on On The Red Dot
  8. She makes the difference between life and death daily: An ER doctor’s passion

    Dr Lin Jingping talks about the chaos of the emergency room, playing detective, and breaking the bad news, on On The Red Dot's episode on doctors' ...
  9. 'Brother Cane is part of me': Josef Ng opens up about past controversies and future hopes

    In 1994, a performance artist named Josef Ng found himself at the centre of a controversy involving pubic hair and nudity that would change the ...
  10. From living on S$11,000 a year, to gender inequality: The trials of being a local career entertainer

    How tough is it to live the dream of being in showbiz full-time in Singapore? Actress Grace Kalaiselvi, comedian Mark Lee and stand-up comedian ...

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