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  1. Commentary: Angela Merkel, the German elections and the plumber's guide to politics

    Angela Merkel's brand of politics has been tremendously successful. But what next for Germany in what is likely to be her final term, asks the ...
  2. On the Record: Janice Koh, former NMP and actress

  3. Despite undiplomatic discourse, Trump's dance card is full

    A subtle diplomat like Talleyrand, Donald Trump is not.
  4. Cuba urges US not to politicise allegations of harmed diplomats

    Cuba's foreign minister said on Friday it would be "unfortunate" if incidents the United States says are harming its diplomats in Havana were to ...
  5. Trump mulls new order to replace travel ban, no decision yet

    The Trump administration is preparing to replace its controversial travel ban with a new order tailored on a country-by-country basis but ...
  6. US and Iran meet as Trump threat looms over nuke deal

    Washington and Tehran's top diplomats confronted each other for the first time Wednesday as envoys scrambled to save the Iran nuclear deal from a ...
  7. Fearing far-right surge, Merkel urges Germans to vote on Sunday

    Angela Merkel's conservatives dropped one percentage point in a poll released on Thursday, three days before a German election in which the ...
  8. South Korea approves aid to North Korea, North calls Trump 'barking dog'

    South Korea approved a plan on Thursday to send US$8 million (5.9 million pounds) worth of humanitarian aid to North Korea, the South's Yonhap ...
  9. In rare public speech, Obama decries Republican healthcare bill

    Former President Barack Obama used a rare public appearance on Wednesday to question Republicans' latest effort to repeal his signature healthcare ...

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