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  1. Vision loss associated with cognitive decline, dementia

  2. Lithium in drinking water may affect Alzheimer's risk

  3. The subtle signs of a thyroid disorder

    Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction vary from person to person and tend to develop gradually, so doctors may not recognise them as a problem ...
  4. Commentary: Contemplating the future of dying

    Lien Foundation CEO Lee Poh Wah discusses our attitudes towards death and care at the end of life.
  5. Commentary: Love of food, lack of activity leave Singaporeans vulnerable to diabetes

    Diabetes is a serious condition that Singaporeans need to take seriously, argue two experts from NUS’ Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.
  6. Solving Japan's ageing population woes with robots

  7. A candle burning at both ends: Spotting the signs of caregiver burnout

    Caregiver stress and burnout is a very real problem for many Singaporeans, and could escalate into depression if left unchecked.
  8. Fiercely Nyonya: Growing up with canes, feasts and a Peranakan Mama's tough love

    It meant being chased around the house with a cane, but also meticulously prepared feasts every night and hand-sewn pajamas for life.
  9. Heart disease risk in middle age tied to dementia later

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