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  1. Jayina Chan Nurul Aini Ramadan 2018 collage

    What’s for sahur? Muslim personalities on embracing the elusive pre-dawn Ramadan meal

    Six Muslim personalities tell CNA Lifestyle about their sahur traditions and how to eat healthy for a meal they sometimes can’t keep their eyes ...
  2. Visitors eat fish and chips and drink soft drinks at a beach cafe in Brighton

    Eat less saturated, trans fats to curb heart disease: WHO

    Adults and children should consume a maximum of 10 percent of their daily calories in the form of saturated fat such as meat and butter and one ...
  3. Singapore new cafe Coffee Academics Cold Brew Lemonade

    Where to find your next-level coffee fix

    Go beyond the usual long blacks and lattes – have you tried an Espresso Tonic or a cold Brew Coffee Lemonade?
  4. NYT - Good fat, bad fat

    Good fats, bad fats

  5. vhr padang 7

    Vegetarian rendang? In Padang, an iconic dish gets a healthier update

    Reputed in her village as a 'masterchef', Neni Rahdipa cooks traditional Minang recipes the old-school way her grandma taught her - using wood ...
  6. Diet

    Pros and cons of top 5 diets in Singapore

  7. UNDATED -- BC-WELL-COCONUT-OLIVE-OIL-ART-NYTSF -- Lemon olive oil. (CREDIT: Andrew Scrivani for The

    Is it better to cook with coconut oil or olive oil?

    Q: Is it better to cook with coconut oil or olive oil?
  8. (ct) VHS Bugis 4 (1)

    Recipes from a different time: The Bugis art of slow and lemak cooking

    What makes Bugis home-cooking distinct from the standard Singaporean Malay fare? Madam Milah Bakri shows CNA Insider three dishes, in this ...
  9. Red Wine Chicken 1

    A home cook's vanishing art of home-brewed wine and hand-raised chicken

    Madam Ong Ah Lee, 71, shows the dying art of making the Hock Chew delicacy of red wine chicken from scratch at home – and why it’s better than ...
  10. Moisturiser

    Choosing the best moisturiser for your skin

    How much can you trust moisturiser labels when even products labelled "fragrance-free" may contain scents that counter chemical odours?

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