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  1. Vegetarian rendang? In Padang, an iconic dish gets a healthier update

    Reputed in her village as a 'masterchef', Neni Rahdipa cooks traditional Minang recipes the old-school way her grandma taught her - using wood ...
  2. Pros and cons of top 5 diets in Singapore

  3. Is it better to cook with coconut oil or olive oil?

    Q: Is it better to cook with coconut oil or olive oil?
  4. Recipes from a different time: The Bugis art of slow and lemak cooking

    What makes Bugis home-cooking distinct from the standard Singaporean Malay fare? Madam Milah Bakri shows CNA Insider three dishes, in this ...
  5. A home cook's vanishing art of home-brewed wine and hand-raised chicken

    Madam Ong Ah Lee, 71, shows the dying art of making the Hock Chew delicacy of red wine chicken from scratch at home – and why it’s better than ...
  6. Choosing the best moisturiser for your skin

    How much can you trust moisturiser labels when even products labelled "fragrance-free" may contain scents that counter chemical odours?
  7. In Singapore soon? The 'impossible' burger that's meatier than real meat

    Created in the lab by a Silicon Valley start-up, this plant-based patty is touted as a sustainable “future food”. But does it taste like the real ...
  8. Sultan Shoal lighthouse: Run on technology, sustained by old-world charm

    The 122-year-old western entry point to Singapore waters is both picturesque and eccentric at once.
  9. Fighting diabetes, one plate of nasi lemak at a time

  10. Despite lack of evidence on benefits, local demand for coconut oil shows no signs of abating

    Nutritionists weigh in on the benefits of coconut oil and other superfoods, and whether consumers should be swayed by their popularity.

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