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  1. A file photo showing the EpiPen auto-injection epinephrine pens manufactured by Mylan NV pharmaceut

    In Europe, Mylan's rivals try to plug EpiPen shortages

    European makers of emergency allergy treatments are stepping up production of alternative life-saving adrenaline shots to try to fill intermittent ...
  2. New Content Item

    Mylan says EpiPen supply levels may vary at US pharmacies

  3. Pre-school singapore file

    New programme to cater to varying development needs of children with special needs

  4. Final health check on Inuka the polar bear

    The last farewell: Past and present caregivers surround Inuka the polar bear in his final moments

    Past and present caregivers gathered for Inuka's final health check before the polar bear was put down on Wednesday (Apr 25), photos released by ...
  5. FD elderly depression 13

    'Like a knife poking my heart': Loss, loneliness and the killing pain of elderly depression

    Chronic illnesses beset them, they lose loved ones, and their memory plays tricks on them. Depression is a battle many seniors fight, and the ...
  6. TLL Pix

    5 things you can do to boost your child’s resilience

    It’s the little things that can help your kid cope with the ups and downs of life
  7. (na)Woodlands Care Home

    MOH-run nursing home in Woodlands pioneering new models of care

    The Home Enablement and Autonomous Living (HEAL) programme aims to enable residents to live independently. 
  8. Bipolar disorder, highs and lows

    Commentary: Living with bipolar disorder, trudging through life's highs and lows

    A complex illness, bipolar disorder affects 1.2 per cent of Singaporeans but those who live with the disease have reason for optimism, says one ...
  9. A 92-year-old man in a wheel chair, imprisoned for life in the Tokushima prison, for murder, rape a

    Ageing Japan: Prisons cope with swelling ranks of elderly inmates

  10. Amy Khor

    Experienced public healthcare sector pharmacists, nurses to be allowed to prescribe medicines from July

    They will first undergo a three-month Collaborative Prescribing Programme organised by the National University of Singapore. The inaugural intake ...

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