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  1. New Content Item

    Decline in living kidney donors led by men

  2. Surgery

    Living kidney donors have low but elevated risk of renal failure

  3. Texas flowers

    Texas church shooting witness: 'He wouldn't stop'

  4. Lebanon's leading paediatric heart surgeon Issam al-Rassi each week sets aside a day to operate

    Commentary: Timely to review our opt-out organ donation policy

    Despite significant progress since the Human Organ Transplant Act was passed, the wait for an actual organ remains long. Yale-NUS College's Jean ...
  5. File photo of Mr Zohair Mohsinally

    Younger ones should give more blood, says rare type donor

  6. New Content Item

    Fewer youths donating blood in Singapore amid growing demand

    The number of youth donors decreased by 13 per cent between 2012 and 2016, says the Health Sciences Authority.
  7. Heart rate monitor

    A parent's grief: When a child in Singapore needs a heart transplant

    Young end-stage heart failure patients in Singapore have limited options for treatment, with the lack of a paediatric heart transplant programme.
  8. red cross blood donation drive

    Red Cross Youth on a mission to get 6,500 units of blood donated next year

    The pledge was made on Saturday (Dec 17) to boost community resilience and to support the SGSecure movement.

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