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    Special needs student given wrong PSLE paper

    The student was issued the wrong examination paper during the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) on Sep 15, his school confirmed on Thursday.
  2. Extraordinary People: Cancer 'broke' this little girl - but couldn't beat her

    Trinity was just nine when leukaemia took her memory and ability to move or speak. Four years on she is healthy, finished with her PSLE and dreams ...
  3. Student with special needs given wrong PSLE paper

    The Pei Chun Public School student was supposed to be issued the Chinese listening comprehension paper at a foundation level but was given a ...
  4. No exam candidates affected by train delays: SEAB

  5. NTU freshman wants to graduate 10,000 migrant workers from his school by next year

    “Do this later. Build your career first,” his father told him. But Sazzad Hossain, 23, is set on his social mission, even though it means a hectic ...
  6. At what age can my kids go out on their own?

    Whether it’s to school or with friends, learn when it’s okay to let your children venture out without adult supervision.
  7. NSL, DTL train delays caused by 2 separate, unrelated faults: LTA

  8. Students taking examinations affected by North-South Line delay

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