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  1. NDP 2018 to be held at Marina Bay Floating Platform again: Ng Eng Hen

    "Nothing in the world compares" to the National Day Parade at the platform, the Defence Minister said in a speech.
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    NDP 2017: A show of technology, military might and splendour

    With the introduction of new elements in a dynamic display of Singapore’s military capabilities, unmanned drones setting the night sky alight with ...
  3. Drones the crowd favourite at NDP 2017

    Crowd favourites like the Red Lions and fireworks display were greeted by loud cheers by spectators at this year's NDP. But a new element emerged ...
  4. Joseph Schooling, Yip Pin Xiu make surprise appearance at NDP 2017

    The two swimming stars were greeted by loud cheers when they emerged at the top of a mountain on stage at the National Day Parade.
  5. NDP 2017: A show of technology, military might and splendour

  6. Highlights: National Day Parade 2017

  7. NDP 2017: 5 things to look out for

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    Former RSAF pilots relive inaugural NDP flag flypast

    After more than 40 years since retired Lieutenant Colonel Leo Tin Boon participated at the first ever National Day Parade State flag flypast, he ...

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