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  1. New localised Chinese curriculum: Some pre-schools happy with existing material

    While pre-schools Channel NewsAsia spoke to are not ruling out the new localised Chinese-language curriculum developed by NTU, they stressed that ...
  2. O-Level results: Seeing students do well is a proud, satisfying moment for Pathlight teachers

    Results day at Pathlight School marked a jubilant end to the roller-coaster ride these two teachers faced in guiding students with autism through ...
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    O-Level results: Fewer score at least 5 passes in exams

    A smaller percentage of students who took last year’s O-Level examinations scored at least five passes, according to results released by the ...
  4. O-Level results: Fewer score at least 5 passes in exams

  5. Best of both worlds: Merged junior colleges design new uniforms, ensure smooth transition

  6. MOE announces names of merged junior colleges

    The JCs, which will be merged in 2019, will adopt a combination of the full names of both colleges, with the name of the older JC coming first, ...
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    Ng Chee Meng on MOE kindergartens

    Minister for Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng spoke in Parliament on Tuesday (Jan 9) on the issue of students in MOE kindergartens gaining ...

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