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  1. Commentary: Superstition and herd behaviour still hold sway over fertility decisions

    Singapore is a modern society yet couples are still influenced by superstitions and other beliefs when deciding when to have a baby, with adverse ...
  2. Commentary: The public looks to size up the next Prime Minister, whoever he is

    The trouble isn’t that there aren’t good candidates, it’s that the public hasn’t had more opportunities to size them up, says one observer.
  3. Commentary: Starting ElderShield at 30? We can do better than that

    ElderShield coverage must benefit the elderly poor and those who suffer from dementia, says an observer from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.
  4. About 400 MPs’ letters received in 2017 written on behalf of constituents: AGC

    The act of MPs writing to the courts on behalf of their constituents is in the spotlight, after a High Court Judge said it was “somewhat ...
  5. AGC has written to man who posted 'fake news' about lawyer who defended City Harvest Church leaders

    Law Minister K Shanmugam also says the police will take action against all other instances which “cross the threshold” into scandalising the courts.
  6. Experts suggest bigger payouts, better coverage for enhanced ElderShield

    The ElderShield review committee said it is reviewing payouts, which are pegged to premiums and the payout period.
  7. No new deputy prime ministers expected to be appointed after the Budget: PM Lee

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