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  1. President Halimah Yacob will unify Singaporeans: PM Lee

  2. Halimah Yacob declared President-elect

  3. Commentary: Singapore-Indonesia relations at 50, delicate yet interdependent

    The two countries must set aside differences and embrace growing interconnectivity to face challenges ahead, writes ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute’s ...
  4. Singapore Ambassador to US rebuts NYT article on Chinese dialects

    The New York Times article, titled "In Singapore, Chinese dialects revive after decades of restrictions", was published on Aug 26.
  5. On the Record: Kirpal Singh, poet, literary and cultural critic

    A long-time proponent of literature, Kirpal Singh has long-held views on the quality of political discourse and the Singaporean identity, and ...
  6. Commentary: Amid urban sprawl, China builds 'sponge cities' to soak up heavy rainfall

    Engineering solutions are popular interventions, but cities cannot simply pipe away flood risk, say two urban planning experts.
  7. ‘It has been an honour and a privilege’: President Tony Tan bids farewell to the Istana

  8. Commentary: Relooking the recruitment and renewal of the PAP’s leadership

    The People's Action Party may have to look deeper into why and how it should inject greater diversity into its leadership ranks, argues Jaime Ho, ...

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