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  1. Shanmugam warns of 'trust deficit' caused by past terrorist incidents

  2. Indonesian president orders officers to shoot drug traffickers

    Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has instructed law enforcement officers to shoot drug traffickers to deal with a narcotics emergency facing the ...
  3. East Timorese form long lines to vote in parliamentary election

    Voters in East Timor queued up on Saturday to cast their vote in the country's fourth parliamentary elections since independence in a ballot where ...
  4. East Timor votes for parliament amid huge challenges

    East Timor headed to the polls to elect a new parliament Saturday as Asia's youngest democracy battles economic challenges 15 years after gaining ...
  5. Commentary: Jokowi’s ban on radical groups and Pancasila’s uncomfortable past

    Discomfort over Jokowi’s ban on radical groups in the name of Pancasila arises because it harkens back to the harsher tactics of Suharto's New ...
  6. Media playtime

    Indonesia developing programme to deradicalise expected surge in IS supporters

    Indonesia is developing a long-term deradicalisation programme to deal with an expected surge of supporters of the Islamic State militant group, ...
  7. Commentary: The SAF’s offer to fight terror in Marawi and the hard-nosed calculations of a small state

    With the announcement that the SAF is prepared to contribute to the fight against terror in Marawi, Collin Koh explores the motivations behind the ...
  8. Tiny East Timor addresses its economic future in parliamentary poll

    Thousands of East Timorese ended weeks of political rallies and entered a campaign blackout on Thursday before parliamentary elections at the ...
  9. Australian man detained after causing chaos at Bali airport

    Gregory Butler was seen shouting and screaming while on the edge of a balcony ledge at Bali's international airport

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