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  1. 'Reprogrammed' stem cells fight Parkinson's disease in monkeys

  2. Media playtime

    Singapore parents generally satisfied with primary education system: IPS survey

    Most Singaporean parents are generally pleased with the local primary education system, according to a survey by the Institute of Policy Studies ...
  3. Singapore parents generally satisfied with primary education system: IPS survey

    The survey also found that most parents agree that the schools their children go to are considered a “good school”.
  4. Workers 'obsessed with pay' lack 'productivity DNA': Technopreneur Lim Peck Hui

    The managing director of Tunity Technologies goes "On The Record" about the power of technology to increase productivity and influence human ...
  5. Commentary: Singapore Airlines’ relevance is more than an economic question

    SIA may have seen some tough times but it contributes to Singapore in more ways than the revenue it generates, argues two researchers.
  6. WannaCry ransomware: About 500 Singapore IP addresses may be affected, CSA says

    The affected computers in Singapore may not have had their files encrypted because of the 'kill switch' that allowed one researcher to ...
  7. 'No indication' devices from Singapore contributed to US cyberattack: CSA

    The attack on US-based Dyn last week, which took down Twitter and Spotify, was after millions of devices like webcams and routers were ...
  8. Law Minister K Shanmugam to lodge police report over States Times Review allegations

    Refuting claims in the report, Mr Shanmugam said he was “quite shocked at such outright falsehoods”. “All of this is completely false,” he wrote.

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