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  1. New Content Item

    UBS begins global wealth management shift by merging teams

  2. Andrew Loh, co-founder of The Online Citizen

    Intention is key in distinguishing fake news from honest opinion, says TOC co-founder Andrew Loh

    In his written representation, Mr Loh also suggested forming an independent body to deal with alleged fake news cases, as any new legislation will ...
  3. DOF: Institute of Policy Studies’ (IPS) deputy director for research Dr Gillian Koh

    Election media monitoring body needed to fight fake news by foreign entities: GIllian Koh

    A Election Media Monitoring Commission would alert voters if they establish any deliberate online falsehoods related to elections or referendum ...
  4. New technologies have disrupted news media over the past 20 years -- but one report says that's

    Commentary: Go beyond addressing deliberate online falsehoods to encourage a thinking society

    The Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods began its hearings on Wednesday (Mar 14). Channel NewsAsia’s Bharati Jagdish discusses how we ...
  5. select committee

    Threat to Singapore’s social harmony from online falsehoods raised at Select Committee hearing

  6. PSB Academy students

    Commentary: Private higher education should be an enabler for all, yet unhealthy biases persist

    Quality private education should be seen as an enabler for more Singaporeans to seize new opportunities and contribute to the country’s ...
  7. tay ping hui

    Veteran Singapore actor Tay Ping Hui heads to China

    One of Singapore television’s most well-known faces explores big opportunities regionally but plans to continue to work with Mediacorp when in ...

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