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  1. viagra illustration 1

    When little red dot met little blue pill: Viagra’s ‘immense impact’ on Singapore

    Twenty years after it first got regulatory approval in the US, Viagra has cemented its position in popular consciousness as a “go-to” drug to help ...
  2. file photo man swabbing mouth

    Concerned about HIV infection? Think twice before buying a self-test kit online

    Dangers include lack of counselling, and no way to check accuracy or interpretation of test results
  3. Tychan

    Zika antibody developed by Singapore company ready for human trials

  4. E-cigarettes are displayed at 'smoke-not-smoke' at Camden in London

    UK experts urge smokers to switch to e-cigs for big health gains

  5. Sunblock

    Sunscreen products in Singapore found to have UV filters within 'permissible limit': CASE

    In excessive amounts, UV filters have been associated with skin allergies and other health problems, the consumer watchdog said.
  6. HSA alert on tonic and Anita iBrow
    Media playtime

    HSA warns against 'health tonic', Anita iBrow product after consumers suffer adverse reactions

    The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) warned consumers on Monday (Jan 22) against the purchase and use of two health products after one consumer was ...

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