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  1. Commentary: Nothing but an impasse and lip service left for the plight of the Rohingya

    Regional leaders had plenty of opportunities to demand for firm and concrete action from Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya crisis during the APEC ...
  2. UN chief meets Aung San Suu Kyi on Rohingya crisis

  3. France pays tribute to Paris dead two years on

    France, still on alert against militant Islamist attacks, paid tribute on Monday to 130 people killed when gunmen and suicide bombers attacked ...
  4. Singapore to focus on cooperation against emerging threats as ASEAN chair: PM Lee

    Mr Lee said the terrorist threat in ASEAN has increased sharply in recent years, partly inspired by the earlier successes of Islamic State (ISIS) ...
  5. Commentary: Lessons in unmasking the exclusivist ideology in terrorist networks

    Ideology that offers simple answers to complex issues in an uncertain world make extremism attractive. Moderates need to develop ...
  6. Risk of enlisting radicalised servicemen exists: MINDEF

    Radicalised teenager's individual beliefs do not represent Singapore's national servicemen who dutifully serve to protect their loved ones, ...
  7. 3 Singaporeans dealt with under ISA for terror-related activities: MHA

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