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  1. FILE PHOTO: A pint of beer is poured into a glass in a bar in London

    Sri Lanka police arrest father for sharing beer with toddler son

  2. What babies know about themselves

    What babies know about their bodies and themselves

    How infants' brains respond to touch may indicate their understanding of their bodies, researchers say.
  3. Pre-school singapore file

    Pre-schools pilot new learning approach to better support children from low-income families

  4. Francis Carlton Crowley appears in a booking photo in Missoula County

    Baby found buried alive in US forest

  5. baby eating food

    Babies who started solids earlier slept better: Study

  6. Baby Pixabay

    The benefits of positioning babies on their stomachs

    Also known as "tummy time", it helps prevent flattening of the head, while strengthening the neck, trunk and shoulder muscles, as well as hands.

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