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  1. Fatah calls for protests against US VP Jerusalem visit

  2. Palestinian who lost legs in 2008 clash dies in Gaza violence

    Since Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh lost his legs in an Israeli attack a decade ago, he and his wheelchair have been a regular feature at protests along ...
  3. Pope to meet Jordan King Abdullah

  4. Iran supplied ballistic missile to Yemen rebels: US

    Standing in a warehouse at a Washington military base in front of recovered pieces of two missiles, Haley said Iranian fingerprints were all over ...
  5. Boycott will hurt Malaysians: Coca-Cola

  6. Indonesian tourists escape unharmed from Johor bus blaze

  7. Thailand cuts back North Korean trade to nearly 'none': Government

    Thailand has drastically reduced trade with North Korea amid mounting international pressure to isolate the pariah state, the government said ...

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