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  1. This is how dirty your money is

    Banknotes in Singapore were tested for bacteria, and the results were not comforting, as Why It Matters discovers.
  2. Football: FIFA threatens to boot Spain out of World Cup

    The governing body of world football (FIFA) confirmed on Friday (Dec 15) that it has written to the Spanish federation (RFEF) warning they could ...
  3. Brazilian football chief Del Nero given 90-day FIFA ban

  4. Five on Friday: Five classic 1980s cartoons we would like rebooted

    In our regular light-hearted look at something making the headlines, Genevieve Loh picks out her favourite 1980s Saturday morning cartoons she ...
  5. Burned your mouth with festive treats? Here's how to help it heal

  6. Hong Kong 'milkshake' murderer challenges her life sentence

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