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  1. Korea dog rescue

    Commentary: If everyone detests puppy mills, why do they still exist?

    Prospective dog owners should educate themselves, and avoid buying from puppy mills, says animal welfare group SOSD's Dr Siew Tuck Wah.
  2. school opens 4

    Commentary: Make full use of the last holiday week to prepare your child for the new school term

    As the new school term approaches, use the remaining holiday time to meet your children's less apparent but no less essential needs, says a mother ...
  3. HDB flats and private property

    The Big Read: Social stratification — a poison seeping into Singapore’s housing estates and schools

    A new phrase has entered the lexicon in the unfinished business of tackling inequality - social stratification, even as housing, education and ...
  4. 3SG Gavin Chan

    Training death of 3SG Gavin Chan: No negligence or misconduct, but SAF training rules reviewed

    The Queensland’s police findings found no basis to charge any person following the death of 3SG Gavin Chan last September, Defence Minister Ng Eng ...
  5. dog shelter

    Dog flu hits animal establishments in Pasir Ris Farmway area

  6. Lee Hsien Loong Cabinet reshuffle Facebook photo

    The Big Read: Singapore’s political succession goes beyond finding the next Prime Minister

    Observers say the public should not base the country's current leadership transition on past precedents — be it in terms of the timeline or the ...
  7. PAP GE2015 rally

    East Coast, Jalan Besar GRCs to be ‘hotly contested’ in next GE with anchor ministers stepping down

    The speculation over who will anchor the two constituencies has begun, after news that their respective anchor ministers – Mr Lim Swee Say and Dr ...
  8. Backbenchers PAP promoted

    Backbenchers given political appointments in Cabinet reshuffle

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