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  1. Tan Cheng Bock

    People feel 'muzzled and angry' because they could not vote this Presidential Election: Tan Cheng Bock

    "People now feel muzzled and angry. Because when you take away our right to vote, you take away our political voice. You tell us that our choice ...
  2. file photo: istana with presidential flag

    Commentary: Three qualities of a good candidate for President

    The next President of Singapore must possess an analytical mind, a strong understanding of Singapore's public service and most of all humility, ...
  3. farid khan

    Farid Khan media team member 'counselled' for Facebook error

  4. Farid Khan

    Presidential hopeful Farid Khan submits papers for upcoming reserved election

    Mr Farid, the chairman of marine sector company Bourbon Offshore Asia, says he is confident that he will qualify for the election.
  5. Tan Cheng Bock

    Tan Cheng Bock accepts verdict on reserved election 'with a heavy heart'

  6. Singapore President

    PE 2017: Three potential candidates - what happens next?

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