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  1. Pakatan Harapan supporters

    Commentary: Pakatan Harapan’s successful campaign strategy, informed by data, powered by people

    Data highlighting Malaysians’ key concerns helped the Pakatan Harapan connect with voters and formulate a winning strategy in Malaysia’s 14th ...
  2. Mahathir Langkawi

    Mahathir makes final case for election in Langkawi, craves for encore

  3. Kelantan composite

    Malaysia election: Kelantan voters could turn to BN, Amanah as support for PAS wanes

    A day before Malaysia's 14th general election, many voters in Kelantan said they want a change in leadership in the state assembly.
  4. (dp) Insight Malaysia race and religion 10

    Commentary: To win over Johor voters, politicians compete to represent the Johor identity

    Both the ruling Barisan Nasional and opposition coalition are emphasising local issues and the local credentials of their candidates, in a bid to ...
  5. Chan Ming Kai malay voters

    Malaysia general election: Chinese candidate from Ipoh wins hearts in Malay-majority Alor Setar

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate Chan Ming Kai is breaking racial barriers as he garners support for Kedah’s key federal seat.
  6. Malaysia Elections Comission

    Commentary: Disqualification of opposition candidates strengthens Barisan Nasional’s chances in 2018

    The disqualifications might have been due to Pakatan Harapan's poor planning, but their outcome is to put the ruling Barisan Nasional on a ...
  7. Mutapa Mohamed

    'Major disappointment' if BN can't wrest Kelantan from PAS: Minister

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