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  1. Made in Singapore: Queen Elizabeth and her Rollei camera

  2. Singapore’s final Q3 GDP in for upward revision: Economists

    Economists expect Singapore's economy to have grown between 4.7 to 5.1 per cent in the third quarter, faster than the preliminary estimate of 4.6 ...
  3. Banks in Singapore to use NETS QR code for cashless payments

    By mid-2018, all of NETS’ payment points will be enabled with QR code capabilities.
  4. Media playtime

    As Singapore’s spending needs grow, raising taxes is inevitable: PM Lee

    Singapore’s investments for the economy and infrastructure, as well as spending on social services and safety nets are all necessary, and a vote ...
  5. Your views: Aftermath of the Joo Koon train collision

  6. Singapore's economic growth could exceed 3% this year, says PM Lee

    Speaking to activists at the annual PAP convention, Mr Lee said that Singapore will have to press on with plans to restructure the economy.
  7. Malaysia election 'may have something to do' with it referring Pedra Branca to ICJ again: PM Lee

    Speaking to activists at the PAP convention on Sunday, the Prime Minister added that while Singapore is friends with many countries, it must also ...
  8. People frustrated by incidents on public transport system: PM Lee

    It will take time to improve the train system, and there will be more hurdles to clear along the way, said PM Lee.

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